Posted on December 1st, 2022.

HYPACK is offering the option to lease HYPACK® software!  

Need a short-term option? Looking to save? We’ve got you covered! 

This option is a great way to save money if you want to try out HYPACK®, use it on a project for less than a year, or if you need to use our software occasionally.  

As one of the world’s leading hydrographic software providers, HYPACK is committed to providing a variety of options that fit your use of our software and make sense financially for your company. 

With annual, monthly, and daily leasing options, our lease terms range from as little as 3 days to a full year.  It is also simple to extend your lease. Take advantage of our latest features while enjoying the financial flexibility. 

You can lease any of our software packages like HYSWEEP®, GEOPHYSICS, and ECHO, or the full HYPACK® suite. 

Easily upgrade to a full HYPACK® license if you determine our HYPACK® software makes sense for you long term.  We offer a discount on the license if you upgrade within one year of the lease start date.  You can apply part of what you’ve paid for leasing to the purchase of a similar package.  


  • – Low cost 
  • – Flexible short term options 
  • – Easy lease extension 
  • – Available for all HYPACK software packages 
  • – Leasing is effortless with our soft license option 


HYPACK offers annual and short-term lease options. Short-term leases are available at a day rate of 1% of the perpetual license price. You may apply 85% of lease price to the purchase of a similar package within one year of the lease starting date. 


  • Hardlock Key – 7 Days  
  • Soft License – 3 Days  

Contact our sales team at for more details and pricing! 

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