Posted on October 25th, 2022.


The Andalusian Agricultural and Fisheries Management (AGAPA) has launched a project for the protection and recovery of marine ecosystems and biodiversity of the Andalusian coast, which involves the collection, study, and analysis of meteorological, oceanographic, and physicochemical data, and  MSM Ocean has participated in the design of a floating system for housing the required sensors to study the seabed.
The challenge was to develop a floating system for the integration and protection of a set of sensors, which would also be resistant to the marine environment and to possible impacts, with a long service life, and minimum
maintenance costs.
MSM Ocean developed and manufactured two elastomer oceanographic buoys model EBM18OC-SAS, designed according to IALA recommendations, which have been installed in Isla Cristina (Huelva) and Almería. Both are equipped with SAS system (Surface Accessible Sensors), which protects and facilitates the access to the sensors.
On the other hand, the float of the buoy is manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene foam sheet and with a coloured polyurethane elastomer coat, which guarantees a long service life and high resistance.
MSM Ocean buoys have been equipped with an Automatic Weather Station (EMA), a Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) and Multiparameter Sounder (CTD). These sensors register relevant data which is transmitted in real time 365 days a year via GPRS to a reception and storage centre
For MSM Ocean it has been a pleasure to contribute to this project with
our oceanographic equipment so that the competent agencies can have highly reliable and accurate technological tools, with the aim of planning and acting optimally in the protection of our marine ecosystems.

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