New in Carlson 2017: Supersonic Viewer


It’s vivid, fast, and fun…

The all new Supersonic Viewer in Carlson 2017 got this mere mention in the official information – “…the new ‘Supersonic’ 3D Viewer for loading surfaces that provides excellent graphic presentations” – but it might just be one of the most exciting and fun features in this new release.


The Supersonic Viewer was developed to give engineers a quick way to view and evaluate designs. With the performance breakthrough of the Supersonic Viewer, even the largest models are handled with ease. Users can load up a surface model and within seconds say, “Hold up, that design TIN is far too steep in this area. Let’s rethink that design.”

The program’s designer, one of Carlson’s new, young programmers, says, “3D isn’t just for deliverables anymore,” noting that future users are coming out of college with the desire to be able to work within the 3D environment. Carlson is working to meet their needs.

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