Tidegauge: various model of tide gauge is offered for the variety of applications. Each model is subject to objective and method of data collection. 

Current meter: available many model of current meter, subject to customer’s requirement. Data collection is normally self-recording or direct reading. Measurement can be selected either one layer or profile (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler – ADCP).

Tidegauge and Wave recorder: tide and wave data may be required at the same time, such as for pipeline route design; tide gauge and wave recorder in one unit may be the best choice.

Current and Wave recorder: for certain research current and wave data from the same location is often required; one single unit of such current meter and wave recorder is also offered.

Water sampler: if chemical properties of sea water are required, water sampling is normally to be carried out. Model of water sampler is subject to number of layer and depth of operations.

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