Kongsberg Maritime – HiPAP

An acoustic underwater positioning and navigation systems, high precision acoustic positioning system

102 Model

HiPAP 102
Ultra deep water positioning system, using transponders with depth rating down to 7.000 m (deeper on demand). The low frequency member of the HiPAP system family.
HiPAP 102P
Portable acoustic positioning system for ultra-depep water operations. Highly accurate, reliable and flexible multi-purpose. Operates in SSBL mode to full ocean depth.

352 Model

HiPAP 352
High precision acoustic positioning system with long-range capabilities are not required. Measuring only 320mm in diameter, can be used with all existing HPR gate valves.
HiPAP 352P
Portable acoustic positioning system for vessels of opportunity. Designed to be mounted on a shaft to be installed over-the-side or through a moon-pool of a vessel.

502 Model

HiPAP 502
High Precision Acoustic underwater Positioning and navigation system operates with the transducer mounted on a hull unit to allow the transducer to be lowered some meters below the hull of the vessel.
HiPAP 502P
Designed for optimal positioning of subsea objects in both shallow and deep water, provides accurate positions of subsea objects such as ROV’s, AUV’s, towed bodies or fixed seabed transponders.

452 & 602 Model

HiPAP 452
System configuration is identical to the HiPAP 502, but only the 46 lower sector elements of the sphere are “activated” and in use. It can be upgraded to full HiPAP 502 performance at any time.
HiPAP 602
Designed to provide extreme range and accuracy for positioning ROVs, AUVs and operate as a DP reference. The system utilize unique signal processing techniques to achieve the accuracy.

APOS  & Remote Service

The HiPAP and the HPR systems are operated from the acoustic positioning operating station (APOS). It can be integrated with Kongsberg Maritime Dynamic Positioning systems.
APOS Survey
Developed to provide a cost effective solution for subsea survey and construction operations, making it possible for the surveyor to utilise a vessel’s HiPAP system.
Remote Services for HiPAP Systems
HiPAP users world wide can now benefit from Remote Services, enabling a new way of supporting the operation, service and maintenance of HiPAP systems.