Data processing, presentation and the preparation of reports forms an extremely important part of our services and each of these services is tailored to suit each individual client’s particular requirements.  Although we are firm believers in standardization, we also understand that each client usually has particular preferences and we strive to meet them. Quality as well as content is taken into serious consideration in the preparation of any of our data processing, research or reporting services.

Our survey processing systems are networked to maximize usage of resources and facilities, including digitizing, printing and plotting.  Our reporting styles and systems have been developed based on state-of-the-art technologies and software compatible with many of the proprietary systems in use today.  Obviously we do not stop there and are constantly upgrading our methods and systems.

In most cases, data gathered represents a costly investment for any client, therefore as part of our quality control system, data security, protection and recovery is given top priority.

Data Processing and Presentation1

Typical Isopach Map (Subbottom Profiling Result)

Data Processing and Presentation2

Typical Seabed Features (Sidescan Sonar Result)

Data Processing and Presentation3
Typical Bathymetric Chart (MBES or SBES Results)

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