From the limit of the “Near Shore Area” seaward is commonly known as “Offshore Area”. These services are normally carried out by survey teams who spend extended periods living and working offshore, utilizing specialized equipment and methods to suit the sometimes harsh and unpredictable conditions encountered in a hostile environment.  This usually requires a different approach to logistics and planning, from that used for inshore coastal surveys, although our field staff can apply their talents to either type of project as and when required.

The following is some offshore activities we could provide:

  • Bathymetric survey;
  • Side scan sonar survey  (seabed features);
  • Sub-bottom profiling survey (sub-bottom stratification);
  • Magnetic survey (ferromagnetic anomaly);
  • Sedimentation study;
  • Geophysical study for shallow waters;
  • Geotechnical study for shallow waters;
  • Water and bottom sampling.


We professionally understand our client’s requirement by giving the best possible geo-approach to suite his specific needs. Some of the common work areas where survey services needed:

  • Sand/cap rock surveys for land reclamation/beach replenishment;
  • Feasibility for port& harbors, power plants, desalination plants;
  • Post dredging /channel access survey;
  • Pre-engineering surveys for pipelines, jetty constructions, bridge construction;
  • Pre-construction surveys for offshore establishments;
  • Anchor clearance surveys for offshore establishments;
  • Debris and salvage surveys for lost objects at sea such as dredge cutter, anchor chains, ship wrecks, rudders, and pipelines.

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