PT. GEOTINDO SURVEY SERVICES established since 2015. Our business was started with general trade for the oil and gas industry, with a focus on sales tools mechanical, electrical, chemical, and equipment for onshore and offshore survey activities. Our services include after-sales service and repair of equipment. Our services now also include onshore and offshore survey services for a variety of applications.

Since established PT. GEOTINDO SERVICES SURVEY has expanded the scope of service and reasonably in applying technology development onshore and offshore survey. Our multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to provide an overall approach, which resulted in a settlement professional and economical and efficient for our projects and services.

We are experienced in meeting the national and regional requirements and are very familiar with local conditions and customs in all corners of this vast archipelago consisting of 17,508 islands. We and the entire staff of the company, has been involved in many projects in many provinces, including oil & gas, mining, engineering and construction, marine and land development, dredging and have a good record of employment services to various government agencies.

To perform its activities, PT. GEOTINDO SURVEY SERVICES utilize information services, the latest technology and instrumentation, in addition to providing ongoing training under professional guidance to ensure that the knowledge of the latest technology has always done. PT. GEOTINDO SURVEY SERVICES also consistent in keeping the entire Quality Control System that aims to meet all the project requirements set by our clients, or related to other criteria such as practicality, cost, safety, corporate and government regulations and presidential decree.