Posted on December 20th, 2022.

IHM has deliverd a new redundant voice recording for the Croatian VTS system covering the whole coastline. The new  system replaces a former voice recording system, which was delivered by IHM together with the VTS system. 

The new Apresa voice recording solution is a reliable and cost-efficient system suitable for both small and larger radio communication systems. The system records both IP radio communication and analogue lines from  base stations located throughout the coastline (6,278 km) and analogue telephone lines respectively.

The system was installed and commissioned via the IHM partner MicroLink. The solution consists of a

  • IP connected base stations, 32
  • ISDN telephone lines, 60
  • Integration to the VTS system’s base stations
  • Integration to the VTS system’s telephony
  • Implementation of administration of the voice recording system
  • Remote support
  • Documentation
  • FAT
  • SAT

With the Apresa solution, MMPI obtain:

  • Multichannel recording
  • Reliable and secure recording
  • Recording of audio VoIP, Analogue and TDM
  • Centralised storage & audit trails
  • 2-Factor Authentication, option
  • Automatic backup of calls
  • Colour marking of calls

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